Monday, October 3, 2011

What a Ride!

She's like a blank canvas.
I cannot believe how long it has been since I've posted here! ........heavy sigh....all those things I intend to do and never get around to. So I'll vow to myself again to pay attention to this much neglected Laughing Crow blog.

I must share the latest merry maker at my place. I have a new/old car!! Many thanks to my oldest son who discovered it on craigslist in Abilene, Texas. It is a 1982 postal jeep, a DJ-5 Dispatcher to be exact. I'm delighted with it and adore tootling around my neighborhood in the little thing. I think it's a she, cars do have a gender you know. It took a bit of getting used to steering on the other side but I've got the hang of it now. I finally figured out to turn around over the 'other' shoulder to back up. The thing drives like a little mule and there is NO air conditioning so I'm glad it's not my primary ride. I probably wouldn't be as enamoured.

My long term plan is to transform her into an art car, the mechanical aspects are in good order but it does need body work before I can begin making changes to the outer appearance.  The grandsons think it's cool just the way it is, thank you very much. Look at all the room for hauling art supplies! And grandsons too.  Ah, but first things first. There is absolutely no where for a spare tire and I don't want to use the space in the back for that so I'm shopping round for a safari rack-which has certain cool factor don't you think? And look at this vintage mailbox I found to mount on the dashboard for the owners manual and registration and such.

The little jeep has been with me for a couple months now and I recently had a light bulb moment about painting the body. Escher! 
One must have the appropriate accessories.

M. C. Escher
It's pretty satisfying to noodle around with fish and bird motifs and the studio is named Laughing Crow. While I'm waiting for the universe to send funds for the body work and spare parts I can work on diagrams for the tessellations. Of course the birds will be crows and funkified stylized fish. Nothing particularly inspiring in regards to color has presented itself.....well there's no rush really, I've wanted an old mail jeep for over a decade now. The right colors will show up at the right time.   At some point I can see her in the Houston Art Car Parade, now that would be a hoot. Anyone out there know of good references for tessellation lessons?

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  1. Your grand-kids are adorable. Can't wait until the mail truck is done, it will truly be a work of art!

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