Friday, March 9, 2012


This one is still in progress.

The french words for putting disparate things together are easier on the ear than english, it looks better written down too.....junque......looks nicer than.....junk. Even 'je ne sais quoi' is smoother than 'what the heck is that?' I'm very fascinated with assembling stuff these days, to the point of distraction. I walk round with my head down looking for rusty little bits of stuff in parking lots and hesitate when throwing away the trash---just in case priceless stuff was overlooked. Currently, piled on the dining table, are a couple of dead computers and an extremely heavy old typewriter (amongst other stuff) waiting to be scavenged for interesting parts. I look around and wonder if this could be leading to a hoarding disorder.....meh...we don't use the dining table for much else anyway. Besides if I took that stuff to the studio it would muck up all the stuff piled on the work bench over there.
The Oratist

Assemblage titled Lighting the Muse