Monday, October 10, 2011

CreekFest 2011

The Cypress Creek Cultural District hosted an art festival last weekend, the event was the first in what will be an annual event themed Art and Soles. The concept of the shoe is a clever one. Local business sponsor a shoe and local artists get to paint them up or do whatever they want to them I suppose. The shoe represents the organized run for the event and the sole of the art community as well. What a grand way to involve all 'walks' of the lifeblood of our neighborhood.
Debra Reese from The Purple Elephant Gallery sponsored a shoe and invited me to work on it for the festival. It was great fun and I hope to see many other artists and business join me next year.

 Jeff Bernal and Marsha loaned their space at Creative Frame/Merlot to Masterpiece to get the project going. It was wonderful to be there and get to know Marsha and since the center was also part of the location for CreekFest the shoe didn't have to run very far to get to it's destination, (insert pun here). I had so many people stop in and check on the progress, kid's loved it. It felt like painting the shoe was an event itself! Debra popped in and added her hand to the job. Everyone knows her as a supporter of local artists but only a few know that she is a proficient artist herself. Folks the woman can paint, draw, collage......the secrets out now Debra!

 I added a nod to The Iron Butterfly on the toe. Art classes for adults and kid's, weekend workshops and private painting parties are held in the facility throughout the year. It is a very lively part of The Purple Elephant complex. Anyway back to CreekFest. The gallery had five booths all together representing several artists that are active there. It was all abuzz with activity. Andre Gandin, Sharon Isaacks, Tracy Harston-Dolezal and Dee, Jeremy Cruey and myself filled the place up to overflowing with art-sculpture, jewelry, painting, metalwork, woodwork, fiberarts, plus calligraphy were represented. We had information there about all the classes and workshops that happen at the complex too. You really couldn't miss us not with a giant inflatable Purple Elephant right there.
Debra Reese and Harmony the Clown

Part of my section of the booth
Andre Gandin's metal flower looks fantastic with the studio sign.

Jeremy Cruey had a very ingenious creation.
Sharon Isaacks aka Ms Sharon with two of her pieces behind her.

Andre and his wife Pam adding finishing touches to their space.
Wow look how super Tracy's jewelry looks with Sharon's painting

Nobody can say we don't know how to have a good time at The Elephant! Everyone pitched in and helped each other, it felt like one great big family sharing chores. The energy was way off the charts, it flowed right out into the patrons strolling by.

Almost ready for the show, Abby the monkey
 just has to give Jeremy one more little kiss before
patrons arrive. 
Grandsons Ethan and J.T. came out to
support Grammy's efforts.


  1. Thanks so much for the picture taking :) Your shoe was wonderful!

  2. Love the shoe! Sounds like painting it was good for the soul, huh.