Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two New Paintings

Just thought I would post a couple of paintings I recently finished.
This one is titled Angel Emerging, and is on Ampersand cradled board. I used acrylic, watercolor, ink and also collaged on textured paper for the garment that I stamped with an old hand carved wooden stamp used for batik. The hair has bits of paper and burlap looking stuff added for dimension. The belt is flattened, rusted bottle caps I pick up from time to time, usually when buying gas for my truck. They are too interesting not to pick up, I figured the caps would eventually make their way onto a piece of art and sure enough the occasion presented itself on this piece. I wrapped the painting around the edges so you get different glimpses from various angles, it measures 10"x30"x2".

This painting I call The Promenade, it is acrylic on stretched canvas 8"x20"x1.5" I really do enjoy these humorous paintings whether anyone else does or not. Comic relief is a good thing! For some reason I'm  into rectangular shaped paintings at the moment, as with everything, it will run its course and I'll notice some other pattern about what I'm producing.


  1. I love Angel Emerging! Reminds me of birthing!

  2. Thanks Maureen, I experienced a similar feeling while working on that painting, it took on a life of its own and led the painting process.