Sunday, May 2, 2010

How Laughing Crow art studio came to be.

Back in the fall of this past year a friend had acquired a property she intended for use as a gift shop/art gallery. We were talking over coffee and decided to drive on over so she could show me around. I really didn't know what to expect, since she had told me it was a little house and woodworking shop. Well, I instantly fell in love! Beautiful trees every where, the birds were chirping away, an adorable covered back porch and cute little breezeway. Wow! I told my friend, this is fantastic and I love the vibes, so peaceful.

As we were walking around she filled me in on some of her plans to refurb the woodworking shop as an art studio for workshops and classes and what she wanted to do with the house for the gift shop and gallery. She gave me a brief run down on some of her long term plans for more out buildings to lease as artists studios.

We were walking back from the workshop to the house and I asked what was in the tiny little building attached to the breezeway part of the house, it was too small to be a garage. Oh, that's the tool shed and pump house, I keep the riding mower in there she said. We opened it up to have a look see inside and I told here it would make a cute little studio space. Ya' think? my friend responded, and from there Laughing Crow just sort of came into being.

That's my friend Debbie Reese on the mower, and my darling hubby standing in the humble little tool shed before its rebirth as an art studio.

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  1. What a fun inspiring place! I bet you have a wonderful summer ahead for you there!